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Exclusive Aman Canale Grande Hotel in the City of Love and Waterways

Spotted first on Yatzer, the exclusive Aman Canale Grande Hotel is the place to stay when in Venice. Undoubtably, the so called Floating City is one of the most amazing places to visit, due to the romance surrounding it, its unique water canals, the historical buildings, its bridges and the stories. “Venice is a fabled destination with a glorious past. A city in northeast Italy, it is built atop 118 small islands separated by winding canals and linked by arching bridges. Once a major power in the Mediterranean, it is known today for the beauty of its setting, its architecture and its artworks.” The perfect spot to enjoy a memorable sunset, watching the sun slowly drifting into the water while feeling the scent of summer, this amazing city offers plenty of possibilities. 

A historical building, one of those places that reflect the wealth and the well-being of the old rich families, Palazzo Papadopoli houses the Aman resort. Built in the 16th century, the Palazzo features also two gardens, which is quite an interesting phenomenon, because rarely you’ll see green oasis in this city. At the hotel, one arrives (as expected) by boat. As soon as you step inside, the atmosphere overwhelms you. Frescos, reliefs, chandeliers, ballrooms, exclusive furniture – everything exudes luxury and elegance. Some of the rooms provide amazing views of the Grand Canal. Each room is unique and exclusive: from high ceilings to spectacular chandeliers, fireplaces like works of art, frescos and amazing decorations. 


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Contemporary Living Room by Eduard Căliman Depicting a Luxurious Lifestyle

Eduard Căliman is an architectural visualizer based in Leeds, United Kingdom who recently completed an intriguing living room project. The luxurious interior was envisioned as having an open layout, with a generously-sized sofa located in the middle, visually separating the lounge area from the dining space. Large crystal chandeliers seem to spice up the room, adding a touch of royal elegance. The eclectic mix of furniture employed give the place its unique character. 

This project contains elements that belong to the Visionnaire Ipe Cavalli brand collection such as the feathery mirror (Bird) and the console (Gretel) while the sofa was designed by Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia. The lamps and the ceiling lights come from Giovanni Sforza Home luxury Collection and were carefully chosen to further depict a more bright and luxurious lifestyle.

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Polished yet eclectic -For this Dallas home, interior designer Beth Dotolo had a vision for a “polished yet eclectic” powder room. The homeowners, who operate a chic, boutique furnishings store, already owned the silver-beaded mirror and the small, two-drawer bureau. But Dotolo retrofitted the bureau into a one-of-a-kind sink vanity and custom-designed the polished-nickel starburst drawer-pulls.
Other touches include Carrera marble floor tiles; modern, wall-mounted tap fixtures; elegant, Barbara Barry-designed torch sconces; and bold-patterned damask wallpaper.

Polished yet eclectic -For this Dallas home, interior designer Beth Dotolo had a vision for a “polished yet eclectic” powder room. The homeowners, who operate a chic, boutique furnishings store, already owned the silver-beaded mirror and the small, two-drawer bureau. But Dotolo retrofitted the bureau into a one-of-a-kind sink vanity and custom-designed the polished-nickel starburst drawer-pulls.

Other touches include Carrera marble floor tiles; modern, wall-mounted tap fixtures; elegant, Barbara Barry-designed torch sconces; and bold-patterned damask wallpaper.

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7 Vacation Desintations for Lovebirds

Kruger National Park, South Africa

There’s something primal about being in a remote landscape surrounded by cheetahs, rhinos, and elephants that can be perfect for a couple looking to get back to nature. Singita Sweni Lodge, tucked into the trees of the 33,000-acre national park on the border of Mozambique, is the ideal setting to cuddle up on a safari getaway. The glass-walled suites have a luxe tree-house feel—and absolutely no screens, TV or otherwise, to ruin the view or interrupt your time together. The lodge excels at arranging swoon-worthy meals for couples. A lantern-lit dinner for two under the stars? Breakfast by the river? Then take in all the spectacular natural beauty on open-air jeep rides, where you’ll be among the wildlife, including prides of lions and herds of giraffe. If that’s just not intimate enough, Sweni can organize a morning of mountain biking or hiking in the bush. Then see just how close you can get.

The Dalmatian Coast

Follow the Adriatic coastline to find some of the best beaches and most gorgeous views in Europe. Start in Dubrovnik. When the crowds get to be too much in the main square, ditch them and slip away to Buza Bar, a cozy watering hole built high up on the southern ramparts of the medieval Old Town walls. If the calm sea below beckons you, you can dive into it from the bird’s-nest perch. Spend a night or two at Hotel Bellevue, where plush suites afford views of stellar sunsets. The concierge can arrange a yacht tour of the neighboring Pelješac Peninsula. Drop by the Korta Katarina winery, where you can sip little-known vintages in the verdant countryside. After a refreshing dip in the ink-blue waters that it sits beside, sail on to the picturesque island of Korčula. Slip inside the town’s 13th-century walls and leave all your modern-day distractions completely behind.

Ponta dos Ganchos, Brazil

With the World Cup coming to its shores in 2014, everyone’s talking about the samba nation of Brazil. Check out all the action with a loved one, but avoid the booming city centers and head south to Ponta dos Ganchos, set on a private peninsula bordering the country’s Emerald Coast. The 25 villas here all face the ocean, and the property is surrounded by dozens of secluded beaches (think the beauty of Rio, minus the masses). After the beach, set up a taste test of the hotel’s own line of premium cachaca, the national spirit, and then enjoy dinner for two on a quiet island accessible via a candlelit bridge.

Whistler, British Columbia

Some healthy competition never hurt a relationship, especially when it takes place in the winter wonderland of Whistler. Hit the slopes here together in a race to the finish, or take it one step further. At the Four Seasons Resort Whistler, its “Ski the Dream Experience” arranges helicopter transfers and private guides for heli-skiing in backcountry terrain. If you fall into the “don’t ski, won’t ski” camp, the hotel offers dog sledding, ice skating, and even sleigh rides—pack a warm blanket for two—that end with indulging in chocolate fondue while sitting beside a bonfire.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Salsa beats in the city and palm-fringed beaches make this easy-to-get-to island a great escape for those seeking a little action and a little rest. By night, restaurants and bars along Calle Fortaleza are where you’ll find the action. During the day, relax with a piña colada—invented on the island—on the white sand of Condado Beach. Back in town, check intoHotel El Convento, a converted monastery, where a complimentary wine-and-cheese happy hour is anything but monastic and the quiet rooms are right upstairs from a hopping courtyard tapas bar.

Auckland, New Zealand

For wine enthusiasts, Auckland is the Napa Valley of the Southern Hemisphere, with dozens of vineyards thriving in the volcanic soil in a loop around the waterfront city. Vinophiles believe that great wines are produced in great settings, and Auckland is no exception: Rainforests, massive cliffs, waterfalls, and black sand beaches all combine for a postcard-worthy destination (or big-screen-worthy destination—this is where The Hobbit movies are filmed, after all). For an island’s worth of grape experiences, hop the ferry to Waiheke for beachside swirling and sipping. (For an intimate getaway, spend the night on Waiheke at The Boatshed, a seven-room inn with ocean views and outstanding dining.) For a luxurious stay back in Auckland, the Sofitel by the harbor pampers you. It is in the perfect location for sampling the city’s melting pot of Indian and Asian cultures and South Pacific and Maori traditions. From the hotel, you can also book a boat trip to explore the 48 volcanic cones that surround the city, or visit Rangitoto Island, close enough to reach on a sea kayak tour; explore lava caves or climb the grassy slopes of the area’s largest volcanic cone for a picnic with unparalleled views.

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However, few are willing to undertake the challenges associated with maintaining beautiful indoor vegetation. Tasks such as daily watering, fertilizing, and pruning are enough to keep the most avid gardener from bringing the garden indoors. Yet in reality, caring for houseplants is only as difficult as you choose to make it. From placement to maintenance, take a look at the following tips and tricks to find the perfect amount of “green” for your lifestyle:

Herb Garden - An herb garden is ideal for those who want houseplants that are as functional as they are attractive. Herb gardens are best kept on kitchen windowsills that face east, west, or south light. The various herbs can be pruned and used as needed while providing a touch of nature to your kitchen décor all year round.

Window Garden - Almost all plants can make up a window garden as long as the window environment suits them. Windows that face south, southeast, or southwest should be utilized by sun loving plants (aloe and cacti); those that face east and west are best for plant life that requires medium sunlight (various ficus). By paying close attention to your plants’ needs, your window gardens can be enjoyed both indoors and out.

Vertical Garden - One of the best ways to incorporate plant life in your home is making use of any available space, including vertical expanses. Trailing plants, for example philodendron, can be situated on high surfaces in order to showcase their hanging vines. Tall and spreading plants serve as dividers, breaking up bare walls and even directing a room’s traffic flow.

Container Garden - Though typically used outdoors, container gardens are excellent for bringing nature into your home. Different containers allow homeowners an assortment of plant heights and placements with access to varying light intensity. Baskets, planters, and different containers also provide unique decorative elements, allowing your plants to reside harmoniously with other furnishings.

When purchasing houseplants seek out care labels for each. These labels identify the light, temperature, and amount of water each plant needs to flourish. Examining these care labels allows you to purchase only the plants that you are capable of keeping vibrant. Remember to regularly (often weekly) rotate your plants to ensure even growth. Also check with your provider that the plants chosen are safe around your family pets and children.

Houseplants are an excellent opportunity to practice gardening year round while providing cleaner air and natural sound barriers to the home. Do your homework and predict where to place nature within your home. Look up the various plants that can fill those areas and see if their care fits your lifestyle. If you get stuck, speak with a professional at your local gardening center or nursery. They can often make the best suggestions, ensuring you receive houseplants that invigorate your interior décor without draining time and patience.

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